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Victim/Survivor and Trauma Therapy

Individual Counseling

Counselors within our agency carry a passion for serving adults who have experienced crisis or trauma at any time in their lives. Some counselors offer EMDR which has proven to be a powerful technique in the processing and healing of trauma. Additionally, if you have been a victim of a crime (like domestic violence) you are most likely eligible to receive counseling for free through Victim Compensation programs. We can help you apply for this funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my therapy be kept confidential?
We are committed to confidentiality and take great measures to ensure your information, including any knowledge that you are receiving counseling, be kept confidential.

What are your office hours?
Individual sessions and intakes are by appointment only. We have appointments available Monday through Saturday 8am - 7pm. Your individual counselor will be able to schedule a time that works for you on an individual basis.

What are the fees you offer?
Victim/Survivor counseling is usually free through Victim Compensation. Otherwise, Individual and family counseling rates are on a sliding fee scale ranging from $60 to $120.

What can I do to set up my first appointment?
Call 303.693.5080


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