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DUI / DWAI Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my court ordered treatment information confidential?
         In general, treatment information can only be released with your written consent.

How much does a group session cost?
         We operate on a sliding scale from $15 to $35 per group. Intakes are $50, which includes the cost of the Level II Education Manual.

How do I get enrolled in class?
         Call 303.693.5080 to schedule an intake. Expect 2 hours of filling out paperwork, surveys, assessments, and answering questions. Bring your photo ID, court documents, referral/supervision information, and proof of income.

What should I expect in group therapy?
        DUI/DWAI groups are mixed gendered (men and women) and last 2 hours. Topics are based on drug and alcohol curriculum approved by the State of Colorado and the specific needs of individual clients. All of our DUI/DWAI groups are led by Masters' level Licensed Addiction Counselors who are also Licensed Professional Counselors. We provide high quality group classes to help you with your legal requirements and improving your overall life. We care about every client as a unique individual.

Enhanced Outpatient Therapy is sometimes ordered for people who have more than one DUI/DWAI or for various other reasons. Our program is licensed to provide this level of therapy. During your intake, your therapist will complete a thorough assessment and provide treatment recommendations to you and your probation. Enhanced Outpatient therapy, per Colorado State Regulations, must include attendance at least two times per week and may be in groups or individual therapy or a combination of these.

All groups are tailored to fit the learning styles and current circumstances that group members may be experiencing. Groups meet on a weekly basis.

What if I need to miss a group session?
        The courts expect clients to attend every session. If you cannot attend, call your counselor.

Group Schedule

Level II EducationLevel II Therapy
Wednesday 6:00 pmWednesday 4:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 amThursday 5:30 pm
Saturday 11:30 amSaturday 9:00 am
Saturday 12:00 pm
North Denver / Westminster / Thornton
Level II EducationLevel II Therapy
Monday 6:00 pmTuesday 6:00 pm
Substance Use and Mental Health Recovery
Monday 4:30 - 6:00 pm


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